Responsibly Refreshing.

Ontarieau Sparkling Natural Spring Water is a locally sourced, and environmentally sustainable sparkling beverage. We like that 99% of our packaging is responsibly reused.

Doesn't hurt that it's also the world's purest spring water, carbonated. 

It's Pretty Simple

Whether you’re at home or out on the town, we want to help ensure that your whole meal - down to your glass of sparkling water - is locally sourced and responsibly produced.

Why should we have to ship water in from Italy or France, when Ontario alone holds 1/5 of the earth’s freshwater supply, and is the purest source of spring water in the world?

We want to take advantage of what we so luckily have in our own backyard and create pure sparkling spring water that is a smooth bubbly compliment to a delicious meal, a fizzy top-up on your favourite cocktail, or a refreshing break all on its own.

Thanks, Ontario.

Our Past, Our Future